AAPG Memoir 58

Siliciclastic Sequence Stratigraphy Recent Developments and Applications

Edited by Paul Weimer and Henry Posamentier




1. Recent Developments and Applications in Siliciclastic Sequence Stratigraphy, by Paul Weimer and Henry W. Posamentier


2. The Relative Success of Siliciclastic Sequence Stratigraphic Concepts in Exploration: Examples from  Incised Valley Fill and Turbidite Systems Reservoirs, by David W. Bowen, Paul Weimer, and Alan J. Scott


3. Deposition of Fourth-Order, Post-Rift Sequences and Sequence Sets, Lower Cretaceous (Lower Valanginian to Lower Aptian), Pletmos Basin, Southern Offshore, South Africa, by G. J. Brink,]. H. G. Keenan, and L. F. Brown, Jr.


4. Sequence Stratigraphy of Petroleum Plays, Post-Rift Cretaceous Rocks (Lower Aptian to Upper Maastrichtian), Orange Basin, Western Offshore, South Africa, by A. Muntingh and L. F. Brown, Jr.


5. Integrated Stratigraphic and Depositional-Facies Analysis of Parasequences in a Transgressive Systems Tract, San Joaquin Basin, California, by Robert S. Tye, James S. Hewlett, Peter R. Thompson, and David K. Goodman


6. Stratigraphic and Combination Traps Within a Seismic Sequence Framework, Miocene Stevens Turbidites, Bakersfield Arch, California, by James S. Hewlett and Douglas W. Jordan


7. Recognizing Sequences and Systems Tracts from Well Logs, Seismic Data, and Biostratigraphy: Examples from the Late Cenozoic, by Robert M. Mitchum, John B. Sangree, Peter R. Vail, and Walter W. Wornardt


8. Variations in Slope Deposition, Pliocene-Pleistocene, Offshore Louisiana, Northeast Gulf of Mexico, by Andrew]. Pulham


9. Detailed Facies Anatomy of Transgressive and Highstand Systems Tracts from the Upper Cretaceous of Southern Utah, U.S.A., by Robert D. Hettinger, Peter J. McCabe, and Keith W. Shanley


10. Genesis and Architecture of Incised Valley Fill Sequences: A Late Quaternary Example from the Colorado River, Gulf Coastal Plain of Texas, by Michael D. Blum


11. Application of High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy to the Upper Rotliegend in the Netherlands Offshore, by Chang-Shu Yang and Swie-Djin Nio


12. Sequence Stratigraphy of a Lacustrine System: Upper Fort Union Formation (Paleocene), Wind River Basin, Wyoming, u.S.A., by Louis M. Liro


13. Evaluation of Eustasy, Subsidence, and Sediment Input as Controls on Depositional Sequence Geometries and the Synchroneity of Sequence Boundaries, by David T. Lawrence


14. Effects of Variations in Subsidence and Sediment Supply on Parasequence Stacking Patterns, by F. L. Wehr


15. An Experimental Study of the Influence of Subaqueous Shelf Angles on Coastal Plain and Shelf Deposits, by L. J. Wood, F. G. Ethridge, and S. A. Schumm


16. Eolian Sequence Stratigraphy-A Conceptual Framework, by Gary Kocurek and Karen G. Havholm


17. Photostratigraphic Characteristics of Sequence Stratigraphic Features and Patterns: Upper Cretaceous and Eocene Strata of the South-Central Pyrenees, Spain, by Maria Sgavetti


18. Use of Genetic Sequence Stratigraphy in Defining and Determining a Regional Tectonic Control on the "Mid Cimmerian Unconformity": Implications for North Sea Basin Development and the Global Sea-Level Chart, by J. R. Underhill and M. A. Partington