Petroleum Basins of South American

Edited by A. J. Tankard, R. Sœarez Soruco, and H. J. Welsink




Regional Setting


Structural and Tectonic Controls of Basin Evolution in Southwestern Gondwana During the Phanerozoic


Oil and Gas Discoveries and Basin Resource Predictions in Latin America


Petroleum Basins of Southern South America: An Overview


Tectonic Subsidence Analysis and Paleozoic Paleogeography of Gondwana


Mesozoic—Cenozoic Andean Paleogeography and Regional Controls on Hydrocarbon Systems


Phanerozoic Correlation in Southern South America




Paleozoic Basins


Hydrocarbon-Bearing Late Paleozoic Glaciated Basins of Southern and Central South America


Phanerozoic Tectonics and Sedimentation in the Chaco Basin of Paraguay, with Comments on Hydrocarbon Potential


Phanerozoic Evolution of Bolivia and Adjacent Regions


Evidence for a Middle—Late Paleozoic Foreland Basin and Significant Paleolatitudinal Shift, Central Andes


Silurian—Jurassic Stratigraphy and Basin Evolution of Northwestern Argentina


Tectonic Evolution of the Andes of Northern Argentina


Tectonics and Stratigraphy of the Late Paleozoic Paganzo Basin of Western Argentina and its Regional Implications




Mesozoic Rifts


Structural Inversion of a Cretaceous Rift Basin, Southern Altiplano, Bolivia


Geometry and Seismic Expression of the Cretaceous Salta Rift System, Northwestern Argentina


Cretaceous Rifting, Alluvial Fan Sedimentation, and Neogene Inversion, Southern Sierras Pampeanas, Argentina


Structural Inversion and Oil Occurrence in the Cuyo Basin of Argentina


Inversion of the Mesozoic NeuquŽn Rift in the MalargŸe Fold and Thrust Belt, Mendoza, Argentina


Tectonic Evolution and Paleogeography of the NeuquŽn Basin, Argentina


Hydrocarbon Accumulation in an Inverted Segment of the Andean Foreland: San Bernardo Belt, Central Patagonia




Andean Basins


Petroleum Geology of the Sub-Andean Basins of Peru


Petroleum System of the Northern and Central Bolivian Sub-Andean Zone


Structural Geology of Sub-Andean Fold and Thrust Belt in Northwestern Bolivia


Andean and Pre-Andean Deformation, Boomerang Hills Area, Bolivia


Devonian—Carboniferous Stratigraphy in the Madre de Dios Basin, Bolivia: Pando X-1 and Manuripi X-1


Is the Bend in the Bolivian Andes an Orocline?


Structural Styles and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Sub-Andean Thrust Belt of Southern Bolivia


Structural Styles and Petroleum Occurrence in the Sub-Andean Fold and Thrust Belt of Northern Argentina




Northern South America


Northern Part of Oriente Basin, Ecuador: Reflection Seismic Expression of Structures


Reservoir Characterization of the Hollin and Napo Formations, Western Oriente Basin, Ecuador


Intermontane Late Paleozoic—Neogene Basins of the Andes of Ecuador and Peru: Sedimentologic and Tectonic Characteristics


Basin Development in an Accretionary, Oceanic-Floored Fore-Arc Setting: Southern Coastal Ecuador During Late Cretaceous—Late Eocene Time


Eastern Cordillera of Colombia: Jurassic—Neogene Crustal Evolution


Geodynamic Evolution of the Eastern Andes, Colombia: An Alternative Hypothesis


Basin Development and Tectonic History of the Llanos Basin, Colombia


Crustal Architecture and Strain Partitioning in the Eastern Venezuelan Ranges


Stratigraphic Synthesis of Western Venezuela


Jurassic—Eocene Tectonic Evolution of Maracaibo Basin, Venezuela


Two-Dimensional Computer Modeling of Oil Generation and Migration in a Transect of the Eastern Venezuela Basin


Petroleum Geology of the Central Part of the Eastern Venezuelan Basin


Cenozoic Sedimentation and Tectonics of the Southwestern Caribbean Pull-Apart Basin, Venezuela and Colombia