Cores from the Northwest European Hydrocarbon Province: Introduction and Review

Regional and Sequence Stratigraphic Applications

Jurassic Back-Barrier and Shoreface Reservoir Sandstones and Thin Turbidite Sandstones in the Danish Central Trough, North Sea

Tectonically Enhanced Maximum Flooding Surfaces and Deep Marine Sedimentation in the Late Jurassic of the North Sea Basin

Sedimentation and Basin Evolution in the Palaeogene of the Northern North Sea

Core Photograph-Based Study of Stratigraphic Relationships of some Tertiary Deep-Marine Lowstand Depositional Systems in the Central North Sea

Representative Sections from Reservoirs and Fields

Carboniferous Reservoir Development in the Caister C Field, Block 44/23a, UK Southern North Sea

Rotliegend Core from the 48/6-34 Well, Hyde Field, Southern Gas Basin

Late Triassic Stratigraphy of the Beryl Field

Beryl Field: Late Triassic to Cretaceous Stratigraphy

Reservoir Geology of the Bruce Field: Bruce—Beryl Embayment, Quadrant 9, UKCS

Late Jurassic Fulmar Formation: Correlatable Events and Lithofacies Illustrated

Core Photographs

Miller Field Lithotypes, Well 16/8b-A02

Witch Ground Graben, UK North Sea Piper Delta System of the Saltire Field: Tide or Wave Influenced?

Facies of the Forties Member in the Nelson Field, UKCS North Sea

Variety of Turbidite Deposits within the Forties Fan: Examples from the Nelson Field

Cores from the Early Eocene Gryphon Oilfield, Block 9/18b

The Use of Cores in Reservoir Studies

Petrophysical and Facies Description of the Mixed Fluvio-Aeolian Frobisher Reservoir: A Genetic Unit Approach to Reservoir Characterization

Permeability Anisotropy Estimation within the Sherwood Sandstone, Morecambe Bay Gas Field: A Numerical Approach Using Probe Permeametry

Problematic Event Beds in the Franklin Sands, Well 29/5b-6, 6Z

Porosity Decline Across the Magnus Field, UKCS, Controlled

Synchronous Migration of Petroleum and Quartz Cementation

Geological Aspects of Horizontal Drilling: Chalk Cores from the Danish Central Trough