Stochastic Modeling and Geostatistics: Principles, Methods, and Case Studies, Volume II
Edited by T. C. Coburn, J. M. Yarus, and R. L. Chambers


Introduction—Looking Back and Moving Forward

Geostatistics and Stochastic Modeling: Bridging the 21st Century
T. C. Coburn, J. M. Yarus, and R. L. Chambers

Reflections on Geostatistics and Stochastic Modeling
D. E. Myers

A Virtual Conversation on the Impact of  Geostatistics in Petroleum, Production, and Reservoir Engineering
T. C. Coburn, P. W. M. Corbett, A. Datta-Gupta, J. L. Jensen, M. Kelkar, D. S. Oliver, and C. D. White


Incorporating Secondary Information Using Direct Sequential Cosimulation
A. Soares, J. A. Almeida, and L. Guerreiro

Modeling the Semivariogram: New Approach, Methods Comparison, and Simulation Study
A. Gribov, K. Krivoruchko, and J. M. Ver Hoef

Geostatistical Modeling of the Spaces of Local, Spatial, and Response Uncertainty for Continuous Petrophysical Properties
P. Goovaerts

A New Method for Handling the Nugget Effect in Kriging
K. Krivoruchko, A. Gribov, and J. M. Ver Hoef

Feature-based Probabilistic Interpretation of Geobodies from Seismic Amplitudes
J. Caers, B. G. Arpat, and C. A. Garcia

An Application of the Truncated Pluri-gaussian Method for Modeling Geology
A. Galli, G. Le Loc’h, F. Geffroy, and R. Eschard

Representative Input Parameters for Geostatistical Simulation
M. J. Pyrcz, E. Gringarten, P. Frykman, and C. V. Deutsch

Methods and Applications

Sequential Simulation for Modeling Geological Structures from Training Images
S. B. Strebelle

An Efficient Approach for Quantifying the Uncertainty in Groundwater-model Predictions
V. A. Kelley and S. Mishra

Consistent Structural Model Simulations for Volumetric Uncertainty Study
M. A. Lecour, P. Thore, and R. Cognot

Fractured Continuum Approach to Stochastic Permeability Modeling
S. A. McKenna and P. C. Reeves

A Comparison between Geostatistical Inversion and Conventional Geostatistical-simulation Practices for Reservoir Delineation
C. Torres-Verdín, A. Grijalba-Cuenca, and H. W. J. Debeye

Full Integration of Seismic Data into Geostatistical Reservoir Modeling
P. van Riel, P. Mesdag, H. Debeye, and M. Sams

Case Studies

Hierarchical Description and Geologic Modeling of a Braided-stream Depositional System
P. E. Patterson, T. A. Jones, A. D. Donovan, J. D. Ottmann, and C. J. Donofrio

Three-dimensional Seismic Inversion and Geostatistical Reservoir Modeling of the Rotliegend Gas Field
R. K. Shrestha, S. Faruqi, M. Boeckmann, and M.-K. Wang

Utility of Using Acoustic Impedance Data in the Stochastic Modeling of a Carbonate Reservoir
D. B. Williams and A. A. M. Aqrawi

Brazos A-105 D-Sand Reservoir Modeling by Integration of Seismic Elastic Inversion Results with Geostatistical Techniques
W. Xu, K. Wrolstad, D. Kramer, P. Dooley, K. Domingue, and D. T. Vo

Spatial Variability of Porosity in Chalk: Comparison of an Outcrop and a North Sea Reservoir
P. Frykman

Modeling Complex Reservoirs with Multiple Conditional Techniques: APractical Approach to Reservoir Characterization
H. Beucher-Darricau, B. Doligez, and J. M. Yarus

Systems and Resources

Geostatistics: A Fast-response Tool for Reservoir Management
L. Cosentino, A. Pelgrain de Lestang, and J. E. Gonzalez

Process-based Knowledge Management: Overview and Application of Iterative 3-D Modeling Workflows
J. C. Herweijer, J. M. Yarus, and M. J. V. Suana

Bibliographic Resources for Geostatistics, Spatial Analysis, and  Stochastic Modeling in Petroleum Exploration and Development
T. C. Coburn